Aloha Friday: the photo zine preview

Went into work yesterday afternoon and found this inky puppy waiting for me: The as-of-this-blog-post unreleased issue of Aloha Friday by Honolulu's very own downtown dandy Grady Gillan. Special!

I wrote about the debut of this dalmatian b&w pet project a couple months back, and happy to see he's keeping his prints in tangible circulation, one that apparently includes personal delivery because again, ahem, special!

Won't show you everything that's in it, but let's just say it's made up of more of the same body parts: Hamburger Eyes, chucked Vans, bikini T&A, NICOLE NAONE.

Be sure to go to his release party at thirtynine Tuesday, Feb 8, to snag one.

And then go to his website and snag another.

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