My new year's resolutions for 2011

1. Drink less coffee, drink more tea; drink less tea, drink more water.
2. Stop dressing like an old grandpa and start dressing like a young grandpa.
3. Decide if I actually like dubstep when I'm not drunkstep.
4. Convince someone at the Gap to sell nice stuff.
5. Figure out how to be more sincere versus ironic, even when I feel like being ironic is sincere?
6. Save money. So I can go on trips. Like San Francisco. For the first time. Heard that place is pretty G.
7. Never hear another Michael Jackson song this year. We on board, WORLD?
8. Continue to be a germaphobe, use lots of napkins while eating at restaurants, not feel like the destruction of the environment is my fault for it, especially when I'm eating expensive grass-fed beef.
9. Finish all the foreign films in my Netflix queue.
10. Prove that you can spend all your waking hours frequenting coffee shops and be extra-semi-pseudo-productive. Hey, I just made up a word! See what I mean...

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