Recent trailers that mesmerize my eyes

Good trailers don't have Mr. Moviefone narration. Good trailers give a genuine presence of the film (you know, the one you'll potentially pay ~14 ridiculous $$$ for). Good trailers don't spell it out for you; they leave something to the imagination in that warm and stimulating way. Good trailers are like magnetic strangers you sit next to in cafes, public transport, laundromats; those people who pique your interest and you don't really know why again? But you want to find out. You want to lend them your pen, you want to sleep with them, you want to know their names and then hear yourself saying their name out loud back to them. Colloquially, good trailers are sexy. These are all categorically fit of the previously denoted: Good trailers, in my opinion.


Reasons: for Brad Pitt's haircut; because of that unexpected upside-down street shot; looks complex; looks life-affirming; looks the way the lighting looks IN MY DREAMS; because Terrence Malick is a recluse who knows the secret to the universe, probably; because if this were a book first I'd read that book first; seems like the closest a guy can get to physically giving birth


Reasons: looks raw; looks upsetting; looks like Gomorrah; because Romain Gavras directed that M.I.A. music video; because Romain Gavras blew up redheads in that M.I.A. music video; because even though I have no clue what they're saying in this trailer it seems like Romain Gavras has other minorities to blow up or something in a video


Reasons: because autistic looking people in track suits and swimsuits; because of the bat-shit Greek dad, but because his Greek-ness, we just refer to as "Greek dad" and simply "get it"; because I've seen my neighbors do something similar to 0:33-0:42; because it looks like if I could physically drop this movie, it'd break into a million porcelain pieces; because 1:08-1:09; because 1:10-1:11, then 1:12-1:13; because 1:14 and 1:15 and 1:16-1:16:30 and 1:18 and because did you watch this entire fucking trailer??


Reasons: looks meta; looks long, but like it's meant to be long; seems "conceptual"; seems "conscious"; seems "to be aware" that it's "messing with the "paradigms" of its "medium"; seems like "it can only be "discussed" while making air quotes"; for IMDb tag: foreigners-in-foreign-cities; because it's shot in an omnipotent POV that feels disorienting, but familiar; because lasers, because strobe, because dancing under lasers and strobe; because Gaspar Noe is out to eat your eyes/brains/soul

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Erin Pea said...

I can confirm that Enter the Void is truly fucked up. God, I still need to write a fucking review of that film. Sigh...

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