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What I Know About Skins (USA) Before Actually Watching the Pilot Episode of Skins (USA) Last Night

I know from the popular UK series of which it's based, inescapable Tumblr posts, and its US ad campaign, the show centers itself around themes of adolescence, coming-of-age, sex, drugs, H&M, and smearing your eye makeup to a Sleigh Bells song. That said, Skins (USA) is the kind of show I should like, basically. Or should like enough, anyway. I mean, I'm a Gen-Y-er who can pensively flip through Nylon Guys when times are especially low too, so Skins (USA) isn't exactly leaving much to my imagination, I guess.

What I Know About Skins (USA) While Actually Watching the Pilot Episode of Skins (USA) Last Night

I know back when Skins (UK) was burning up the "Because of Your Interest in 21 Jump Street: Season 2" section of my Netflix account, I gave it a, as the British would say, gander (Brits say that, right?). Basically, I only made it through the pilot episode. Not that it was bad, but maybe I'm just not thirteen anymore. Also I've processed Thirteen and girls like Fairuza Balk are no longer considered a sexual awakening to me. Bye bye, 1996!

I know from my shoddy recollection of that pilot episode (UK), this pilot episode (USA) is a shot-for-shot remake, which includes the completely unrealistic portrayal of adults. Only differing points of interest I recall is Tony's blanket in the opening shot isn't patterned with a human skeleton (UK), instead patterned with spiders (USA), and his room doesn't have a Fellini poster (UK), he's more of a Hitchcock buff (USA). Oh yeah, and Tony isn't that boy from About a Boy anymore (UK), but a white-r Bruno Mars (USA). Also, the unapologetic gay male character (UK) is gone in his entirety and replaced with a subdued lesbian (surprise, it's the USA!!!!). That's about it. Even the dialogue is word-for-word-minus-"wanker" it seems. Well, all except for the part where someone totally disses ~Gossip Girl~ as if to text (while driving), "Fasten yr seat belts. *We're* the anti-Glee and *you're* in 4 a wild, sweaty ride. Weeeeeee!!"

I know ~26 min mark, I don't stop watching, but I do start browsing the Internet during commercial breaks.

I know ~51 min mark, I stop watching entirely, but listen to it in the background, not recognizing any of the dubstep music, and continue to browse the Internet. I now know Starbucks is introducing a larger 'Trenta' drink size to its menu tomorrow (USA, duh).

What I Know About Skins (USA) After Actually Watching the Pilot Episode of Skins (USA) Last Night

Or don't know, rather. I don't know if teenagers really wear their feelings on their sleeves like this? Even though I never did, I guess so. Like, growing up, shit went down in my family, and I felt "trapped" too, but I never felt the need to casually convince my peers about my problems behind an asymmetrical haircut and throwing confetti in its face or whatever. That's just asking for way too much attention. Plus, I hate the way confetti sticks to your hands (O.C.D). Guess there really is a line of scrimmage on the football field, and I'm on the side getting picked last with Freaks & Geeks, My So-Called Life, and The Weekenders. What's new?

I don't know if I necessarily follow this teenage/young adult/adult adult dichotomy. Where you can look back on each previous "phase" completely distanced from it or something. I don't really know if I see these separations. I don't know what I'm saying. Maybe I felt separated from these characters or whatever. Not that I disliked them, but that I didn't relate to them. No, not relate, actually the opposite, like really understood them in a transparent way or something. Like if I were in high school today, I would've seen these kids as the ones who were trying too hard. And not because I'm "older and wiser" now, but because that's just how I've always felt about this sect of teen culture that has and will forever exist. Not curious, not impressed. Maybe mildly afraid. Or jealous? Is this an unconscious defense mechanism on my part? Maybe I was always just perceptive like that? That or too into Incubus and VH1 countdown specials? Damn! Skins (USA & UK) is making me kinda think here!

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