En route Los Angeles, California

Leaving for LA today in less than 6 hours. Have to be at the airport in less than 4. Always pack at the last minute to keep myself awake, so I can sleep during the entire flight. Consider this a TSA inspection of my carry-on.

In-Flight reading material that relates to my final destination

Annoying quirk? Bad habit? Cliche? When I travel, I typically try stashing a book that ties into wherever it is I'm going. I mean, I love the glassy and vacuous nature of airports, so perhaps choosing location-specific books just add to the novelty of the travel experience for me. Also, I find the sensation of stepping off a plane a little more heightened, a little more concrete, because then it's more like I'm stepping fresh into that book I was just reading. Hey, no one said anything about carrying-on your sanity!

I've been on this Didion kick lately and originally was going to bring her Where I Was From, but I've been reading a lot of non-fiction lately, so opted for a novel, Play It As It Lays, instead. Also I'm a big fan of Bret Easton Ellis, whose writing also leans LA-centric. I know he adored Joan Didion in his youth, so this seems an appropriate choice.

Music on my iPod to pump me up for my final destination

Listening to these 3 albums 'cause they seem very "LA" to me right now. Los Angeles by X for obvious reasons unless your blind (sorry this blog doesn't come in braille, my non-existent blind fanbase!). Toro Y Moi's newest, Underneath the Pine, for being chil-L-A-X and beachy and oh, so Silverlake. Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj for bringing the glossy exterior sheen that seems to just blurt, like, Valley Girl 2.0. Folding up the map and letting these albums be my GPS.

Cheap sunglasses, spf 45 sunscreen & vapid expression to sport at my final destination

My favorite part about this type of trip I'm going on is I don't have to plan anything. I love to travel, but none of the logistics it brings, so staying with a few friends who actually live where I'm going really affords me the following luxury: I'm just along for the ride.

This means catching up with friends who are living their new lives and want to share that new life with you. They drive you around, taking the scenic route way, which includes passing the building of their sweet new job, pit-stopping off at Golden Spoon, on the way to your mutual friend's house party, en route a theme park, while you just laissez-faire in the backseat of their car trying not to break these $10 shades or get skin cancer.

See ya in Pacific Standard Time!

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