4 most played bands, songs, and albums in my car in January

Note: Thank you, my 2001 Toyota Corolla with a tape deck player because we all know the most reliable iPod-to-car-stereo connector is the iPod cassette tape car adaptor, which is the dirt cheapest one. Word.

WORRY (2010)

Obsessed. Listening to this LP reminds me of being bored in geometry, coloring in the white specks of your composition book, daydreaming about a Slurpee from 7-11, while your teacher rambles on about acute angles. Maybe that description doesn't make sense, but neither did math class or my teacher's shoulder pads. Also, Big Troubles singer: Emile Hirsch called. He wants his face back.

SUEDE (1993)

A little Morrissey, a little Halloween-y, though all disaffected britpop sounds a little Morrissey, a little Halloween-y to me, so perhaps that does little in way of description. How's this? Once I read an interview with Patrik Ervell saying he pulls many of his references from this band. And when you listen to their albums you instantly get it. Suede is so Patrik Ervell. Or Patrik Ervell is so Suede, I guess. Point is it's hard not to imagine expressionless male models strolling down a stark runway in tailored knitwear to "So Young" now.

MELTED (2010)

One morning I woke up to the following text message from a friend: "Download ty segall's album melted. Life changing." So I brushed my teeth, ate a pear, put on a shirt, and went about changing my life, so to speak (so to text?). I'm a fan of Segall's previous two albums, but this one probably has the most range. More like a garage-y Eno, 'specially the first two songs, which are all swarmy and strummy simultaneously (yum). But, hey, Ty, can you stop being 22 years old? You're making me feel bad about having the same age, thanks.


Jesus and Mary Chain is one of my favorite bands ever, ever, ever, and ever, and ever, and (r)ever(b). That said, the debate on this band totally rip-offing another band's sound - in this case, Crocodiles unapologetically sounding just like honey - is so boring to me. Who cares? Let so-and-so make their music while you go and do that thing with your own life, like toast a Pop-Tart or something. Which reminds me, the fact I was born and raised in Hawaii, but wear jeans to the beach and never ever wear slippers (flip-flops); Who cares? So, naturally I'm digging this studs-n-leather/denim-@-the-beach mixed with Fast Times at Ridgemont High aestheticccccccccc. "Aren't you hot in that?" "Nah, not that hot."

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