4 most played bands, songs, and albums in my car in March

YUCK (2011)

Stuck on Yuck. Feel like this band has a lot of feelings, feelings, feelings! (#SURGE) Hard to explain, but when I'm listening to Yuck, tends to feel like I'm rooting for Yuck. Maybe because something about it sounds...genuine, to me. Some parts remind me of Smashing Pumpkins ("Get Away"= my March anthem), other parts Sonic Youth ("Operation," for sure), maybe Bright Eyes ("Suicide Policeman"). All I know is when I listen to this album I feel like wearing all my striped Stussy t-shirts from 8th grade again hoping to impress an Asian bassist.


I listened to this because, duh, Radiohead. Then I listened to it another ~8 times, more out of obligation than anything. I just wasn't losing my shit over this album, which is weird since a lot of it reminds me of
my favorite Radiohead song off Kid A. Maybe it's just hard to follow up In Rainbows. Fair enough. Regardless, Julian Assange got nothing on Thom Yorke's dance moves.


It's 7:30a, I'm driving to work, it's pouring rain, iPod is dead, at a broken traffic light, I turn the radio on, and "One in a Million" just starts melting my speakers. Turn it up with no regrets because I'm a total jar of Jello for an understated up-tempo R&B soother (Cassie's "Me & U", call me!) and a revisit of Aaliyah's discography was long overdue. Released in '96, but still sounds of this decade, am I right?

P.S. Anyone else truly miss Missy Elliott besides me?


I'm surprised I'm still able to blog considering James Blake pretty much popped the blogosphere ~3 months ago. Inescapable! Finally after much resistance, I gave it a second chance (which is what I'm still doing with The Weeknd; To Be Continued...) and finally *absorbed* it. Not to sound pretentious, but there is something that sounds existential about James Blake. Like he uses his voice to search for his songs as opposed to just sing them. Maybe...

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