4 most played bands, songs, and albums in my car in April

FERMENT (2010 Reissue)

I've had an IV set up that pumps my veins with "Intravenous". Been inhaling that song all month. It's basically been my life support. Think I want to have a royal wedding to it. I just feel so elevated listening to these guys and I haven't hit the ceiling yet. If you listen to one song in this entire post, let it be that one.

BLUE (1999)

Like a true blue twentysomething, I was probably feeling all inexplicably nostalgz after having attended another bday party where a close friend turned 24 (start writing that will, amigo!). And like many a 7th grade boy, 3EB (tee hee, such a fanboy) was so alive to me then, musically, so I figured that now at 23-going-on-70 this would make them the perfect Rx/therapy.

From what I remember Blue was not well received by critics–but then again what sophomore album is well received by Allmusic?though I can understand why. I mean, they had a song on here that was like 10 minutes long or something?? It's like Stephen Jenkins went from "Semi-Charmed Life" to "Semi-Charmed SERIOUS" and it sorta dilutes why you did your chemistry homework to this stuff in the first place. Regardless, I'm comforted to know I can still zen out on their first two albums (the only ones that "exist" in my opinion) occasionally and not even care how much a few songs resemble some "real mad frat shit, bro" as a post-college graduate.


An intern turned this on to me. (More importantly, if you treat your interns LIKE HUMAN BEINGS and for instance invite them to lunch when everyone else goes to lunch then they can teach you a few things about, say, good music and it makes for better office output and efficiency. /obvious) The Swirlies is like a riddled case of what came first: The chicken, or the egg, or the My Bloody Valentine? I don't know/care; I just know it soothes me in stop-go traffic. That said, file this under: "You've Had the Internet for 10 Years and Only Know About This Now?!" Whoops.


Fun + (f)un x fun = the equation to one of my new fav bands of recent memory. Simple melodies. Catchy guitar riffs. Strained vocals. Vaguely dorky. I think I could trade Pokémon cards with these guys and gal, if they'd stop acting so cool in between sets I bet. And yes, you saw that right, I put the accent mark over the "e", thanks for still being my friend and pretending like you didn't.

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