Moi musical make out memories

1. Echo & the Bunnymen - The Killing Moon We just came back from the beach. We were high off your friend's weed. We were seventeen. I sat on the edge of your bed, you flipped on the TV. You told me to pick out a movie, so I chose your Donnie Darko DVD. You sat down next to me, we started watching. This is the song in the opening scene. You turned and asked if I was hot in my jacket abruptly. I said I was okay, but you helped slip it off me anyway. My jacket was nylon, but felt like water all over my body. I laughed a little because it tickled and rested my head against your collarbone, I don't know why, I felt like I was drowning or something. I remember wondering what it'd be like to kiss you, so I did. My hands didn't know what to do with themselves. My teeth clinked against your teeth. I felt stupid, so I stopped. This was such a bad kiss, but it was my first.

2. Marvin Gaye - Come Get To This We were at some club. A really awful club. Like, laughably awful because those are the best. Nothing could save it. Until this song. All of us decided to dance, it was so unexpected. Somehow we ended up next to each other and smiling because dancing in groups does that sometimes. You said my sweater looked like Charlie Brown and kept calling me "Charlie Brown" instead of my real name the rest of the night. I didn't care, I thought it was funny, I thought you were funny. You leaned in and asked, "Are you single?" and I wasn't sure what to say. We barely knew each other, maybe twelve minutes, so I said, "I think this is the part where I tell you I'm single?" like a question. You answered by kissing me. I think you just wanted to freak out the friends you came with, I didn't mind, like I said, I thought the whole thing was funny. Afterwards, I went back to your apartment and we played card games on your bedroom floor.

3. The Jesus and Mary Chain - Cut Dead We were at the beach. It felt like it was over 100 degrees. You brought your iPod speakers, I brought the sunscreen. No one was around, typical summer morning. We kissed the boring away. You blinked sand out of your eyes, just laid there burning. I drew a little happy face on my chest with sunscreen so it would leave a mark.

4. My Bloody Valentine - Sometimes We were in my car, just idling there in expired parking. I hadn't seen you in so long, I didn't know how it would feel. You were always looking the same, but I could never remember your face exactly. I readjusted my rearview mirror for the tenth time, stalling. I so badly wanted to tell you what I couldn't, so we started kissing. It was confusing. You probably thought I was just over thinking, I don't know, sure, maybe. I hid my head in your chest, the only way I could bring myself to admit it to you, quietly. We kept kissing to prove something, whatever it is was we were doing.

5. Sparklehorse - Shade and Honey We were in bed. You were eating leftover birthday cake, I was checking my email with iTunes playing. I asked something, you said you couldn't understand me. I repeated myself, again you said you couldn't understand me. Before I could ask a third time, you slowly shoved cake in my face while saying that you couldn't understand a single word I was saying. I couldn't stop laughing. You pretended to be sorry and said you'd clean up everything, you tried licking the sprinkles off my teeth. Your lips tasted like toothpaste and frosting. We got crumbs on everything.

6. Foo Fighters - Everlong We were singing karaoke. This was the designated anthem of the evening. I thought it would be funny, so at the chorus I got down on one knee. Everyone started laughing. I bit my lip in weighted suspense, quietly begging. You gasped into the mic, make-believe contemplating. To encourage you along, the room started screaming the lyrics! What were you going to say?! When we kissed, everyone was clapping. I felt so cool when you winked at me.

7. James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream We were in a stairway. I was here, but you were right there – right there! – I kept thinking, and the music was blaring. I couldn't wait any longer, my head was warm from drinking. This isn't the actual song, it was a remix I can't remember clearly. But my memory of it felt inside-out like this version or something. While we were kissing, I kept squeezing your arms to believe it was happening. I'm an idiot, so I started talking because I felt like it was ending. We decided we were hungry and promised to get pizza, I don't remember who suggested pepperoni. I felt a smile on your mouth like, why were we talking about pizza suddenly?

8. Mazzy Star - Blue Light We were at your place getting ready to leave. You were taking forever, our friends were waiting. You were always playing Pandora while trying on another shirt or something. I decided to finish The Abyss on Netflix that's how long you were taking. I vaguely wondered if we were fighting. You could tell I wasn't happy and tried to excite me. I considered whether or not I could get bored of kissing you, which I thought was scary. I began second-guessing the dumbest things. I switched my shirt. I put on another pair of shoes. I spent five minutes fine-tuning my tie. I was taking forever, our friends were waiting.

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