4 local bands I'm currently stoked about

I live in Honolulu. If we share similar interests, then going out at night here usually consists of seeing bands play in Chinatown followed by all-you-can-eat pancakes at Wailana Coffee House. ("Punk & Pancakes." Go ahead. Make the zine. I'll probably like it.) It's a really small scene which means that for the most part everyone knows each other, everyone supports each other, and when an ukulele appears in a song it's never a cutesy afterthought that fazes anyone because, um, people grew up hearing that instrument here. Anyway, of all the acts I've seen recently, these are the ones that stick.


These guys are pretty new. The first (and only) time I saw them was at Mercury about a month ago. I think it was the first time for a lot of us there because I heard a lot of These-guys-are-really-good-s dawning on the crowd during my trek to the bathroom. Words that come to mind regarding their sound: Stripped? Woodsy? Tribal? I don't know, I was peeing at this point and what you're reading isn't exactly Pitchfork, but I'll say I'm excited to see them again soon.


I first saw Narwhal a little over a year ago at Asterisk. They were playing these hyperkinetic songs that lasted about 45 seconds which can sound like perfection when done in the right way, you know? It was only their second show and they were calling themselves Monocle then, which they changed to Narwhal soon after. They also added another member, but never lost that just-scrawled-these-lyrics-on-a-notebook sound/detached seriousness about them. Like that kid in high school who you considered a rebel, but also did really good in school? They remind me of that kid. Everyone likes that kid.


The first time I saw Stephen was about a year and half ago at Here Today. He was playing these 7 minute songs and it felt like I was walking on the moon because you're standing there, obliterated by all this reverb and his voice intermittently poking through like a satellite trying to pull you in or something. Since then, he's formed a band and they're all really sincere dudes which makes it that much easier to root for them. Yay, Stephen!


This group has been around for a while I think, but I hadn't seen them until ~6 months ago at Nextdoor. They do Once-a-Month-Punk at Sandbox pretty often, but the last time I was within a 25 ft radius of that place, two guys got in a fight and one died. When my bulletproof vest comes in the mail, I'll catch these guys again?

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