3 books I want to read right now

If I had the ability to read all 3 simultaneously, my public library knows I would, except I can't even walk and slip on a jacket effortlessly at the same time, so let's not count on it.

The Marriage Plot by Jeffrey Eugenides

Because it takes place in the late '70s/early '80s, at a small liberal arts college so it'll probably have funny parts, pays special interest to female characters (who Eugenides has a keen talent for, I think), which means I probably have a friend who'll be similar to the main character, so I can throw it at her when I finish reading it and say, "DIS CHICK IS SO U!"

Footnotes: I don't know how to explain how good Middlesex is besides saying it's a book that was just...everything. Virgin Suicides was also good, and the movie is basically a study in how every book should be adapted into a movie. (HBO, I could see a Middlesex adaptation working. But only if it were a mini-series on your station shot by Sofia Coppola starring whoever our generation's Hilary Swank is.) I feel like I read that this New Yorker piece is an excerpt from his upcoming book (main character shares the same name), but I could be wrong (in that it's not a "final excerpt" but a "in-progress draft" possibly).

Released: 27 days from right now

Blue Nights by Joan Didion

Because it's about death and aging, and I also have a fear of death and aging, but Didion has a way of making you feel less afraid, though not necessarily hopeful, since that's equally fleeting, but not reliable, which her writing strives to be, just rational and at ease, like clear, so she's basically cheaper than therapy

Footnotes: b/w photographs of Joan Didion, on blogging she says, "It makes me uncomfortable. It's an entirely different impulse, I guess. It's like talking," which might be my favorite quote of 2010, so that said #FF this fake @JoanDidion Twitter account

Released: 48 days from right now

The Visible Man by Chuck Klosterman

Because though his debut novel Downtown Owl was slightly underwhelming, we're forgiving because it was his first and he's Chuck Klosterman and now that Friday Nights Light is off the air, they could make that into a TV show and it would be just as primetime good, but this book sounds more ambitious and Charlie Kaufman/Vonnegut-like, it's probably already being optioned by Charlie Sheen

Footnotes: mixtape

Released: 41 days from right now


victoria uren said...

omg. Middlesex is an incredible piece of art

Julia said...

love Jeffrey Eugenides sooo much

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