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Why I'm crazy today about Sunday

White tea. Box of Thin Mints. Wearing yellow when I never wear yellow. Leftovers neighbors dropped off from their BBQ during that Band of Brothers marathon I started last night. Someone's staying home and never leaving. Thank you, zip-lining girl on the box for getting how I feel about it. My dogs too.

Halfway into all this hard work, someone from the Apple Store calls me. Yay, I CAN GET MY GODDAMN LAPTOP BACK AND LET EVERYONE KNOW ABOUT IT IN A STUPID BLOG! Yay, only costs $300 and my soul! Inhale the remainder of the box so quickly I deserve some sort of scout badge for it. Feel...dizzy.

Cure it with television. What channel is Intervention again? Channel surf. Channel surf. Channel sur-- Now Sunday is truly starting to fuck with me because Legally Blonde is on MTV. (Elle is having a total case of the Sundaze too, btws; join the club.) Wait, woah, and Jurassic Park on TNT! How do I ever choose? Sundays aren't about making decisions. What's the deal, universe?

Give up, turn off TV. Fall into bed, listening to Yuck on repeat. Spaz.

Maybe venture back into the kitchen. Maybe return some emails. Maybe brush my teeth at some point. Until then, later days!